Arrangement of Sections


   1.   Short title

   2.   Interpretation

   3.   Colours Control Board

   4.   Keeping of register

   5.   Application for registration of names, etc.

   6.   Form and particulars of application

   7.   Publication of notice of application and lodging of objections

   8.   Grant or refusal of application

   9.   Publication of registration

   10.   Issue of certificates of registration

   11.   Use of registered name, etc.

   12.   Amendment and cancellation of certificate of registration

   13.   Authority to sell or buy registered uniform and badges

   14.   Offences and penalties

   15.   Evidence

   16.   Prescribed fees

   17.   Savings


to provide for the registration of names, designations, uniforms and badges; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

[1st January, 1958]

Act 38 of 1957,

Act 19 of 1959,

Act 13 of 1994,

GN 497 of 1964.

1.   Short title

This Act may be cited as the Protection of Names, Uniforms and Badges Act.

2.   Interpretation

In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—

“association” means any association, club, board, group or body formed within Zambia for the promotion of sport or for any other purpose, not of a political or religious character;

“badge” means any token, design, crest, armorial bearings, insignia or emblem produced by printing, painting, embroidering, weaving, sewing, modelling, casting, embossing, engraving, staining or any other means whatsoever, whether manual, mechanical or chemical, separate or combined, which can be applied to any article for the pattern, shape, configuration or ornamentation thereof or for any two or more such purposes; but does not include a design for sculpture;

“the Board” means the Colours Control Board appointed by the Minister for the purpose of authorising the use of any uniform or badge on behalf of any association or institution;

“institution” means an institution formed or created within Zambia for the promotion of education, and includes any university, college, training college, normal college, technical college, school or any union or society of the present or past students or scholars of any such institution;

“licensed trader” means a person licensed to trade in accordance with the provisions of the Trades Licensing Act; Cap. 402

“register” means the register referred to in section 4;

“registered” means registered in accordance with the provisions of section 8;

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