Arrangement of Sections


   1.   Short title

   2.   Export of pigs

   3.   Regulations

   4.   Penalty


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to regulate the export of pigs from Zambia; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

[6th June, 1925]

Act 24 of 1925,

Act 13 of 1994,

GN 319 of 1964,

GN 497 of 1964.


1.   Short title

This Act may be cited as the Export of Pigs Act.


2.   Export of pigs

The Minister may, from time to time by statutory notice, prohibit the export of pigs from Zambia, or any part thereof, unless and until all regulations with regard to their export have been complied with, and may at any time, by like notice, rescind the same.

[S 2 am by GN 319 of 1964.]


3.   Regulations

The Minister may, by statutory instrument, make regulations for the purpose of regulating and controlling the exports of pigs from Zambia, or any part thereof, and prescribing the fees to be paid in respect of proceedings under such regulations.

[S 3 am by GN 319 of 1964.]


4.   Penalty

Any person who shall contravene any of the provisions of any regulations made under the provisions of this Act shall be guilty of an offence and liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding three thousand penalty units or, in default of payment thereof, to imprisonment with or without hard labour for any period not exceeding six months, or to both.

[S 4 am by Act 13 of 1994.]


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