Arrangement of Sections



   1.   Short title

   2.   Interpretation

   3.   Continuous service


   4.   Establishment of Fund

   5.   Establishment of Committee


   6.   Transfer of assets

   7.   Property of Fund

   8.   Application of Fund

   9.   Appointment of actuary and officers

   10.   Actuarial valuation of Fund

   11.   Accounts and audit

   12.   Investment of Fund and guarantee of interest


   13.   Local authorities

   14.   Repealed

   15.   Members of Fund

   16.   Evidence of health

   17.   Repealed

   18.   Temporary employees


   19.   Contributions by members

   20.   Method of payment of members’ contributions

   21.   Contributions by local authorities

   22.   Contributions whilst on leave

   23.   Probationary service

   24.   Reduction of emoluments


   25.   Retirement benefit

   26.   Retirement due to age

   27.   Retirement due to ill health

   28.   Retirement due to reorganization, etc.

   29.   Retirement in favour of citizens of Zambia

   30.   Lump sum where annuity not payable

   31.   Retirement of female member on marriage

   32.   Dismissal

   33.   Lump sum in other cases

   34.   Re-employment of member

   35.   Death of member

   36.   Benefits not assignable

   37.   Annuity on insolvency

   38.   Effect of conviction


   39.   Interchange and secondment of members

   40.   Powers of Committee

   41.   Rules

   42.   Indemnities

   43.   Disputes

   44.   Application

   45.   Recovery of debts from benefits

   46.   Information to be furnished by or in respect of eligible employees and members

   47.   Payment to dependants

   48.   Payment of benefits free of bank commission





to make provision for the establishment of a Superannuation Fund for employees of local authorities and other public bodies; to provide for the vesting of such Fund in a Management Committee and for the powers and duties of such Committee; to provide for the payment of contributions to and pensions and gratuities from such Fund; and to provide for matters incidental to and connected with the foregoing.

[1st May, 1963]

Act 22 of 1962,

Act 22 of 1964,

Act 69 of 1965,

Act 52 of 1970,

Act 17 of 1989,

Act 14 of 1990,

Act 26 of 1991,

Act 27 of 1992,

Act 13 of 1993,

Act 30 of 1996,

Act 8 of 2015.

GN 202 of 1964,

GN 497 of 1964.

[General Note— word "pension age" wherever it appeared in the Act was substituted as "pensionalble age" by s 7 of Act 8 of 2015.]



1.   Short title

This Act may be cited as the Local Authorities Superannuation Fund Act.


2.   Interpretation

In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—

“the actuary” means the actuary appointed under the provisions of sub-section (1) of section 9;

“admitted in ill health”, in relation to a member, means admitted to the Fund on the basis of paragraph (b) of sub-section (2) of section 16, or deemed to have been admitted in ill health by virtue of the provisions of sub-section (3) or (4) of the said section;

“annuity” means an annual sum payable out of the Fund during the lifetime of a member or of the widow of a member;

“appointed day” means the date fixed under the provisions of section 4;

“associated authority” means a local authority declared to be an associated authority under the provisions of sub-section (1) of section 13 and a local authority which becomes an associated authority under the provisions of sub-section (3) of the said section;

“benefit” means a retirement benefit, additional retirement benefit, annuity, lump sum or other benefit payable to a member or his dependants out of the Fund;

“Board” means the Board of the local Authorities Superannuation Fund established under section5;

“continuous service” has the meaning assigned to it by section 3; “contributions” includes contributions paid into the existing fund; “dependant”, in relation to a member, means—

   (a)   any of the following persons whose name has been notified to the Committee in writing by such member—

      (i)   the spouse or minor child of such member;

      (ii)   a parent, brother, sister, stepchild, minor adopted child or adult child of such member wholly or in part dependent upon such member for support and maintenance; and

      (iii)   any other person who satisfies the Committee that he is wholly dependent upon such member for support and maintenance; or

   (b)   where such member has not so notified the Committee of the name of any such person or where there is no person surviving whose name has been so notified to the Committee—

      (i)   the spouse of such member;

      (ii)   if such spouse is deceased, all minor children of such member together with all minor stepchildren and minor adopted children of such member who are wholly or in part dependent upon him for support and maintenance;

“designated employees” means—

   (a)   all officers of an associated authority; and

   (b)   all servants of an associated authority who belong to a class or description which the associated authority has by a statutory resolution specified as a class or description, the members of, or persons falling within which, are to be designated employees;

“eligible employee” means—

   (a)   an officer or servant in the whole time service of a local authority on a permanent engagement; or

   (b)   an officer or servant engaged under contract who at the 1commencement of Act 52 of 1970 is a member of the Fund;

who has attained the age of 18 years and who is a designated employee;

“employer”, in relation to any person, means the local authority by which such person is employed;

“existing fund” means the Zambia Local Authorities Superannuation Fund established under the provisions of the Zambia Local Authorities (Superannuation Fund) Rules, 1954;

“financial year” means the period between the 1st January in any year and the 31st December next following, both dates included;

“the Fund” means the Local Authorities Superannuation Fund established under the provisions of section 4;

“the Inaugural Committee” means the committee managing the existing fund immediately before the commencement of this Act;

“local authority” means—

   (a)   city council;

   (b)   a municipal council;

   (c)   a township council;

   (d)   a district council;

   (e)   the Committee;

   (f)   any other authority or body of persons of Zambia which the Minister may, at the request of such authority or body and with the prior approval of the Committee, declare by statutory notice to be a local authority for the purposes of this Act;

“member” means any employee of a local authority who is contributing to the Fund and any person who is in receipt of an annuity;

“officer” means an employee as to whom either of the following conditions is satisfied, that is to say:

   (a)   that his duties are wholly or mainly administrative, professional or technical; or

   (b)   that his salary or wages, including cost-of-living allowance, if any, is at a rate greater than fifty ngwee per annum;

“pensionable age” means the age of 60 years;

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