Control of Dogs Regulations

Control of Dogs (Inoculation) Regulations


[Section 3]

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Arrangement of Regulations



   1.   Title

   2.   Interpretation


   3.   Application of Part II

   4.   Power to exempt

   5.   Application for registration

   6.   Certificate of registration

   7.   Collars to be worn

   8.   Duplicate badge

   9.   Transfer of ownership of dog

   10.   Production of dog and certificate

   11.   Limitation of certificates

   12.   Prescribed fees

   13.   Dogs temporarily in area to which Part II applies

   14.   Destruction of dogs

   15.   Destruction of stray dogs


   16.   Introduction of dogs without permit prohibited

   17.   Application for permit

   18.   Preservation and production of permit

   19.   Disposal of dogs introduced without permit


   20.   Preventive measures

   21.   Destruction of rabid dog

   22.   Measures to be taken by owner

   23.   Suspected rabid dogs

   24.   Control by Veterinary Officer or Livestock Officer or Veterinary Assistant

   25.   Disposal of carcass

   26.   Declaration of infected area

   27.   Power of Director of Veterinary Services to vary areas

   28.   Regulations applicable to infected areas

   29.   Publication in Gazette


   30.   Power to seize and detain

   31.   Prohibition of movement


   32.   Powers of officers

   33.   Movement from Veterinary Districts

   34.   Penalties





[Regulations by the Minister]

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1.   Title

These Regulations may be cited as the Control of Dogs Regulations


2.   Interpretation

In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires- "Council" shall have a meaning assigned to it in the Local Government Act.

"Director of Veterinary Services" includes a Deputy Director of Veterinary Services;

"officer" includes any Registering Authority, Administrative Officer, Veterinary Officer, police officer of or above the rank of Sub-Inspector, officer of the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and National Parks, Livestock Officer and Veterinary Assistant;

"outbreak" means any known or suspected case of rabies;

"Registering Authority" means any person specified in the First Schedule;

"valid certificate of inoculation" means a certificate issued by an officer or veterinary surgeon and so endorsed by such officer or veterinary surgeon to indicate that the dog has been inoculated in accordance with regulation 4 of the Control of Dogs (Inoculation) Regulations;

"Veterinary District" shall have the same meaning as in the Stock Diseases Regulations.

[As amended by No. 35 of 1940, No. 31 of 1943, No. 193 of 1949, No. 99 of 1950, No. 278 of 1957, No 36 of 1959, No. 57 of 1965 and No. 130 of 1989]



3.   Application of Part II

This Part shall apply to the areas set out in the Second Schedule.


4.   Power to exempt

The Minister may, by statutory notice, declare that the provisions of these Regulations or of any Part thereof shall not apply in the case of dogs owned by any specific class of persons, either generally or in any particular area.

[No. 229 of 1949 as amended by No. 319 of 1964]


5.   Application for registration

Application for registration of any dog as hereinafter provided shall be made to a Registering Authority in the district in which the applicant is resident, and such application shall be in Form 1 in the Third Schedule.


6.   Certificate of registration

   (1) Every owner or other person having the custody or control of a dog of the apparent age of three months or over shall register such dog and take out in respect thereof a badge and certificate of registration as hereinafter provided.

   (2) In respect of dogs which are on the 1st January in any year at the apparent age of three months and over, application shall be made for the issue or renewal of a certificate of registration within one month after such date and, in respect of dogs reaching such age between such date and the 31st December next ensuing, application for such certificate shall be made within one month after the dog reaches such age.

   (3) Such certificate shall be in Form 2 in the Third Schedule and shall expire on the 31st December of each year and shall be renewed annually, and with such certificate there shall be issued to the holder thereof a metal badge stamped with a number and the year of issue, and such number shall be entered on the certificate.

   (4) A separate certificate shall be issued in respect of each dog registered.

   (5) Any person applying for a certificate of registration in an area to which the Control of Dogs (Inoculation) Regulations apply shall be required to produce a valid certificate of inoculation in respect of such dog.

[As amended by No. 239 of 1948 and No. 278 of 1957]


7.   Collars to be worn

Every owner of a dog of the apparent age of three months or over shall cause such dog to wear at all times a collar bearing either the badge issued in respect of such dog or the name and address of the owner.

[No. 130 of 1950 as amended by No. 278 of 1957]


8.   Duplicate badge

On production by the holder of a valid certificate of registration and on the payment of 1 fee unit, a Registering Authority may issue a duplicate badge in replacement of any badge lost or destroyed.

[As amended by Act No. 13 of 1994]


9.   Transfer of ownership of dog

On the transfer of any registered dog from one person to another, the certificate of registration shall be forwarded to a Registering Authority so that the transferee's name may be endorsed on such certificate. A fee of 1 fee unit shall be payable for such endorsement, which endorsement shall be deemed to constitute an issue of such certificate to the transferee.

[As amended by Act No. 13 of 1994]


10.   Production of dog and certificate

Every person who has in his possession or custody or under his control a dog in respect of which a certificate of registration is under these Regulations necessary shall, if requested by any officer and within a reasonable time after such request, produce or cause to be produced for inspection any such certificate and the dog in respect of which it was issued.


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